Lynching of Henry ‘Peg’ Gilbert

In 2016 two law students at CRRJ, Tara Dunn and Ariel Kong, unearthed Henry Gilbert’s story. Their work established that Gilbert was murdered in police custody. Their investigation led to an official apology from public officials in Harris County, Georgia.

The Red Record (Podcast)

The Red Record is a podcast series covering the case files of CRRJ, named after Ida B Wells’ effort to document racially motivated homicides at the turn of the 20th century.

What’s New Podcast (S2:E26): Seeking Justice for Hidden Deaths

Host Dan Cohen is joined by Margaret Burnham, University Distinguished Professor of Law at Northeastern University and Founder and Director of CRRJ, to discuss the cold-case racially motivated homicides in the United States between 1930 and 1970. (Original Broadcast: 2/5/2019)

Murder in Mobile

In 1948, in Mobile, Alabama, a black man named Rayfield Davis was beaten to death by a white man who was not prosecuted. The crime was forgotten until 2012, when law student Chelsea Schmitz was assigned to investigate. Watch this remarkable story of justice served at long last.

The Trouble I’ve Seen

Narrated by Julian Bond, this film follows the investigations of three Jim Crow-era cold cases pursued in 2012 by CRRJ law students Bayliss Fiddiman, Robert Sanderman, and Kaylie Simon.

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