Hollis Watkins, Activist and Advisor, Honored by CRRJ

Hollis Watkins, CRRJ advisor, voting rights activist and key figure in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, passed away on September 20, 2023, aged 82.

CLEAR Faculty Fellow nominated for 2023 British Academy Book Prize

Kris Manjapra, one of four Center for Law, Equity and Race (CLEAR) Faculty Fellows, has been shortlisted for the 2023 British Academy Book Award for his latest title, Black Ghost of Empire: The Long…

Center for Law, Equity and Race welcomes 2023-2024 Faculty Fellows

The Center for Law, Equity and Race (CLEAR), welcomes four new Faculty Fellows. Zinaida Miller, Caleb Gayle, Adam Omar Hosein and Kris Manjapra will participate in the 2023-2024 fellowship. Gayle, Hosein and Manjapra will complete projects that will directly help to inform CRRJ’s reparative justice programs.

CRRJ Director honored with 2023 Mass Humanities Governor’s Award

The Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project’s director, Professor Margaret Burnham, will receive the award, which recognizes her racial justice work, and its power to enhance civic life in the commonwealth through a deep appreciation of the humanities.

Summer interns support CRRJ’s research and expansion

During the summer of 2023 , CRRJ’s work was supported by three passionate and highly-motivated interns. Sydney Wideman, a rising third year student at Pennsylvania State University, first heard about the project from…

Professor Margaret Burnham cited by New York Times writer in opinion on Florida’s school history curricula

Jamelle Bouie, a columnist for The New York Times, wrote an opinion on Florida schools’ history curricula and teachings specifically on slavery. In it he made mention of CRRJ Director Professor Burnham and…

CLEAR’s program co-ordinator featured in Boston Globe NAACP convention retrospective

Charlotte Mathews-Nelson, program co-ordinator for Northeastern Law School’s Center for Law, Equity and Race (CLEAR), was featured in an article published by the Boston Globe that looked back on 1982 NAACP Convention, the last time…

CRRJ Director Burnham interviewed by Boston Review

CRRJ Director Margaret Burnham was interviewed by Jeanne Theoharis of the Boston Review, earlier this month.

CRRJ Spring Clinic expands research into border states

The expansion of research into new jurisdictions provided an opportunity to begin comparing patterns and trends across regions.

Historical marker will commemorate 1944 CRRJ case 

A state highway historical marker will denote the 1944 killing of a Black soldier in Durham, North Carolina.  The Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project initially took this case on in 2013, and its research…

Al Jazeera Interviews CRRJ Cofounder Melissa Nobles

Melissa Nobles, CRRJ cofounder and advisory board member and Chancellor of MIT, spoke with Al Jazeera about the challenges facing higher education as we await the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action.…

Margaret Burnham wins 2023 Hillman Prize for Book Journalism

Margaret Burnham won the 2023 Hillman Prize for Book Journalism for By Hands Now Known: Jim Crow’s Legal Executioners last week. Awarded by the Sidney Hillman Foundation, the Hillman Prize recognizes achievement in…

CRRJ Director Burnham wins LA Times Book Prize, Northeastern Excellence Award, and others

CRRJ Director Professor Margaret A. Burnham won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in History for her book By Hands Now Known: Jim Crow’s Legal Executioners on Friday, April 21 just one day…

Massachusetts Congregation aids in CRRJ’s cold case investigations

How members of a United Church of Christ congregation in Norwell, MA are helping to fill gaps in the history of Jim Crow racist violence. The killing of George Floyd in 2020 led…

Historical posthumous pardon hearing held in case of Joe James

In April 2023, the Illinois Prisoner Review Board reviewed a petition for posthumous clemency filed by attorneys with the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ) and Northwestern School of Law’s Center on…

SULC Burnham Honors Cohort begin their investigations

On Feb. 17, the 2023 Burnham Honors Cohort met virtually to begin a five-year project, investigating cases of Jim Crow-era violence in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.   “The Burnham Honors Cohort will be undertaking crucial…

CRRJ attorneys share restorative justice frameworks at Mills College reparations event

Katie Sandson, program director of Racial Redress and Reparations Lab at CRRJ and Malcolm Clarke, CRRJ’s Elizabeth Zitrin Justice Fellow, participated in a virtual discussion, organized by The Black Reparations Project, an academic initiative at Mills College at Northeastern University, Feb. 23 and 24. They spoke on the issues of restorative justice, transitional justice and reparations.

Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive featured in winter edition of Northeastern Law

CRRJ’s Burnham-Nobles digital Archive is featured in Northeastern Law’s Winter 2023 edition.

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