Lent Shaw

Lent Shaw (1894 – 1936), a farmer, was killed by a mob in Madison County, Georgia.

Prinest McCann

Prinest McCann (1922 – 1945), a truck driver and WWII veteran, was killed by police officer Melvin Porter in Mobile County, Alabama.

Tom Jones Jr.

Tom Jones Jr. (1921 – 1945), a longshoreman, was killed by David McDonald, a night watchman, in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.

Ellis Hutson Sr.

Ellis Hutson, Sr., 50, was a truck driver who was killed by Constable Travis Helpenstill in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1948.

Henry “Peg” Gilbert

Henry “Peg” Gilbert, 42, a prosperous farmer and church deacon, was killed in 1947 by Police Chief W. H. Buchanan in the Harris County jail in Harris County, Georgia.

Pvt. Willie Lee Davis

Pvt. Willie Lee Davis (1917 – 1943) was killed by Police Chief James Mitchell Bohannon while on leave in Emanuel County, Georgia.

Willie B. Carlisle

Willie B. Carlisle, 18, was a service station employee who was killed in 1950 by two police officers, Doyle Mitcham and James R. Clark, in Lafayette, Alabama.

Hilliard Brooks

Hilliard Brooks, 22, a WWII veteran, was killed in 1950 by police officer M. E. Mills in Montgomery, Alabama.

Eugene Bell

Eugene Bell, age 22, a WWII veteran and farmer, was killed in 1946 in Amite County, Mississippi.

Timothy Hood

Timothy Hood, 23, a veteran, was killed in 1946 by Police Chief G. B. Fant in Bessemer, Jefferson County Alabama.

Jesse Thornton

Jesse Thornton, 26, an overseer on a chicken farm, was killed in 1940 by a group of men led by police officers Doris Rhodes and Noland Ellis in Crenshaw County, Alabama.

Bennie Thompson

Bennie Thompson, 38, was killed in 1933 by Burley Leppard and three others in Ninety Six, Greenwood County, South Carolina.

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