Della McDuffie

Della McDuffie, 67, was a housewife and café owner, who was killed by police in Wilcox County, Alabama, in 1953. Wheelchair-bound and unable to flee, officers beat her to death.

Hosea Carter: Carpenter Lynched in Mississippi, 1948

Hosea “Shant” Carter, who was lynched in Marion County, Mississippi on May 2, 1948. Photo courtesy of The Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive. On December 17, 1951, a civil rights group accused the United States…

Reverend Captain Leonard Butler: Union Man Killed in Alabama, 1948

“He had organized the union, and that is why the company killed him.”    – Vida Butler Rouse, daughter of Reverend Captain Leonard Butler Reverend captain leonard butler Nearly 70 years after the murder…

Quinzy Hill

Quinzy Hill, 40, a farmer, was killed by C.W. Davis in Coleman, Texas. Davis was Hill’s employer in 1940.

Dan Carter Sanders

Dan Carter Sanders, 26, a sawmill worker and WWII veteran, was killed in 1946 by Bobby Johnson, age 16, in Johnston County, North Carolina.

Edward Clifford Williams

Edward Clifford Williams (1911-1943), a laborer, was killed by three sailors in Algiers, Louisiana.

Thomas P. Foster

Thomas P. Foster, 25, was a US Army sergeant who was killed by city police officer Abner J. Hay in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.

Pvt. Albert H. King

Pvt. Albert H. King (1919 – 1941) was killed by military police officer Robert Lummus at Fort Benn ing in Muscogee County, Georgia.

Joseph H. Mann

Joseph H. Mann, 38, was a minister who was killed by two unidentified white men in Norfolk, Virginia in 1951.

Ollie Hunter

Ollie Hunter, 55, was a domestic laborer who was killed by an unidentified white store manager in Seminole County, Georgia, in 1944.

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson, 24, was a house painter and WWII veteran who was killed by police officers C.L. Teague and R.W. Young in Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina.

Wilson knocked on the door of a white family — the Steppes — who called the police alleging that he was trying to break in.

Theris Rudolph Wood

Theris Rudolph Wood, 19, was shot to death in 1948 by police officers H. W. Brewer, J. A. Hale and J. M. Lawson in Birmingham, Alabama.

Knox Fail

Knox Fail, 38, was a saw mill worker who was killed by police officers in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1943.

Fail had allegedly entered a white women’s restroom.

Harrison Lee

Harrison Lee (1906 – 1946), was a barber who was killed by police officer F.R. Brockman in Birmingham, Alabama.

O’Dee Henderson

O’Dee Henderson, 25, was a steel worker who was beaten, shot and killed by police officers Nelson Thomas, W. C. Glenn and Sergeant W. G. Cook, aided by civilian M. M. Hagood, in a police station in Fairfield, Jefferson County, AL.

Reverend Captain Leonard Butler

Rev. Capt. Leonard Butler, 53, was a miner and a pastor who was killed in 1948 by two police deputies employed by the Tennessee Coal, Iron, and Railroad Company in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Malcolm Wright

Malcolm Wright (1900 – 1949), a farmer, was killed by James Moore, Eunice Gore, and James “Red” Kellum in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

Pvt. Booker T. Spicely

Pvt. Booker T. Spicely, 34, was killed by Herman Lee Council in Durham County, North Carolina in 1944.

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