Theris Rudolph Wood

Theris Rudolph Wood, 19, was shot to death in 1948 by police officers H. W. Brewer, J. A. Hale and J. M. Lawson in Birmingham, Alabama.

Knox Fail

Knox Fail, 38, was a saw mill worker who was killed by police officers in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1943.

Fail had allegedly entered a white women’s restroom.

Harrison Lee

Harrison Lee (1906 – 1946), was a barber who was killed by police officer F.R. Brockman in Birmingham, Alabama.

O’Dee Henderson

O’Dee Henderson, 25, was a steel worker who was beaten, shot and killed by police officers Nelson Thomas, W. C. Glenn and Sergeant W. G. Cook, aided by civilian M. M. Hagood, in a police station in Fairfield, Jefferson County, AL.

Reverend Captain Leonard Butler

Rev. Capt. Leonard Butler, 53, was a miner and a pastor who was killed in 1948 by two police deputies employed by the Tennessee Coal, Iron, and Railroad Company in Jefferson County, Alabama.

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