William “Pig” Lockett, Holly White, and Hollie Appleberry

Location(s): Woodville, Mississippi

Decade: 1940s

On September 10, 1930, William “Pig” Lockett, age 22, and Robert “Holly” White, age 32, were being transported from the jail in DeKalb to Scooba for a preliminary hearing on a robbery charge. Enroute to Scooba for the hearing, a mob descended upon the sheriff’s car and demanded that the officers turn over the two men. White and Lockett were interrogated and hanged. CRRJ’s research revealed that a third man, Robert Appleberry, 20, was also lynched that night in the same town.

The collection includes: news articles; Robert Appleberry’s death certificate; Robert “Holly” White’s marriage certificate; and CRRJ student Kellie Ware-Sebron’s essay, “Bloody Kemper: The Cases of William Locket, Holly White, and Robert Applebee, September 10, 1930.”

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