Samuel Bacon

Location(s): Fayette, Mississippi

Decade: 1940s

On March 12, 1948, Samuel Mason Bacon, 61 years old, boarded a bus in Akron, Ohio to visit family in Natchez, Mississippi. After refusing to give his seat to a white man, Bacon was forced off of the bus in Fayette, Mississippi and taken to Jefferson County Jail. The next morning, on March 15th, Bacon was shot to death by Town Marshal Stanton D. Coleman. A grand jury declined to indict Coleman.

The collection includes: Samuel Bacon’s death certificate; Bacon family photos; 1946 Akron City Directory; interviews with family members; a family tree; news articles; cemetery memorandum; Investigation Report on Security Applicant; Phone logs of communication with family members; DOJ File; Delta Investigative Bureau Invoice; James D. Broach Lawsuit; NAACP File; Southern Negro Youth Congress File; and CRRJ student Mary Nguyen’s essay, “Law Enforcement Involvement in the Death of Samuel Mason Bacon.”

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