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Communications Specialist 

The Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Program at Northeastern University School of Law is hiring a communications specialist who will work full time. In Fall 2022 CRRJ will be releasing its digital archive of cases of mid-twentieth century racial homicide cases.  The communications specialist will help publicize the archive and respond to public inquiries about it, as well as handle all other media matters for CRRJ. Briefly, we’re looking for a professional who will design and implement content strategy and production, including content packages, web and social media content.

We hope to identify someone with several competencies.  We want someone who is fluent in civil rights history, the historical actors associated with it, and the pertinent legal milestones.  We’re looking for an individual who is an experienced researcher, and who can write and design high quality content.  Skills in visual media, including photography and videography are a plus.  In addition to communications associated with the archive, we want to enhance CRRJ’s social media audience, create a newsletter, and regularly update our website.

Our preference is for candidates who can easily commute to Northeastern/Boston campus. We’re looking for someone with at a minimum a bachelor’s degree and 4 years of communications experience.  The position should last two years, perhaps longer with grant extensions.  The pay and benefits are competitive. 

CRRJ Community Leadership Fellow 
The CRRJ Community Leadership Fellowship program provides an opportunity for dynamic activists working with community and nonprofit organizations to investigate the Burnham Nobles Archive and to interact with scholars, journalists and other activists who are focusing on historical racism in the US and avenues for redress. There are no academic requirements for selection. Applicants with a history of anti-racist activism are encouraged to apply. Community Leadership Fellows will have opportunities to exchange with CRRJ faculty, staff and students, and with local activists in the Boston area. While the fellowship does not include a stipend, fellows will have access to office space, library, and technology support.
Submit application materials to Lauren Hawkes, l.hawkes@northeastern.edu 
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