Norris Dendy

Location(s): Clinton, South Carolina

Decade: 1930s

On July 4, 1933, 33 year-old Norris Dendy, was killed by a white mob in Clinton, South Carolina. In 1934, a state grand jury declined to indict five of the men believed to have been leaders of the mob. Norris Dendy’s father filed a civil suit against the county. The civil suit invoked a South Carolina anti-lynching statute which could grant exemplary damages to the legal representative of a lynching victim against the county in which the lynching took place. CRRJ is unaware of the outcome of the civil suit.

The collection includes: Census records; family photographs; NAACP files; news articles; and CRRJ student Reiko Shepherd’s essay, “The Lynching of Norris Dendy: May 29, 1900 – July 4,1933.”

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