Malcolm Wright

Location(s): Chicksaw County, Mississippi

Decade: 1940s

On On July 2, 1949, Malcolm Wright, 48 years old, was beaten to death by James Moore, Eunice Gore, and James “Red” Kellum in front of his wife and children near Houston, Mississippi in Chickasaw County. The three men were arrested and indicted for murder. Moore stood trial for homicide, but was acquitted by an all-white jury. Charges against Kellum and Gore were dismissed without a trial after the acquittal of Moore.

The collection includes: Malcolm Wright’s death certificate; interviews with family members; family photographs; news articles; NAACP file; court records; census records; and CRRJ student Robert Sanderman’s essay, “A Legal History of the Murder of Malcolm Wright.” See also film The Trouble I’ve Seen, an award-winning short documentary featuring the work of CRRJ on the Malcolm Wright case and also the cases of Della McDuffy and John Earl Reese.

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