Lynching: Reparations as Restorative Justice (Virtual Conference)

On November 17, 2020, CRRJ brought descendant families together with longstanding leaders of US reparations movements, racial justice activists, and scholars to discuss avenues for compensatory reparations and other forms of individual and community repair. Panelists explored fundamental questions at the heart of a successful case for reparations: (1) why reparations for lynching; (2) what modes of redress; and (3) from whom should descendants and the collectivities they represent seek reparations? Discussants addressed several projects of historical redress, including the Chicago Torture Justice memorials, the Rosewood, Florida project, and the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. After the public forum descendants held workshops with a group of experts to discuss strategy.


November 17, 2020


Virtual gathering via Zoom


  • Margaret Burnham, CRRJ
  • Evan Lewis, great-grandson of Lent Shaw (d.1936)
  • Nicole Aljoe, Northeastern University, Director of the Africana Studies Program
  • Congressperson Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)
  • Dread Scott, Visual artist
  • Quanda Johnson, descendant of Anthony Crawford (d.1916)
  • Evan Lewis, great grandson of Lent Shaw (d.1936)
  • Sheila Moss, granddaughter of Henry “Peg” Gilbert (d.1947)
  • Annie Whitlock, daughter of Russell Charley (d.1954)
  • Thomas Moore, brother of Charles Moore (d.1964)
  • Angela Y. Davis, University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates, author and journalist
  • Ron Daniels, President of The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW21) and convener of the National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC)
  • William “Sandy” Darity, Duke University, Samuel DuBois Cook Distinguished Professor of Public Policy
  • Ángel Nieves, Northeastern University, Africana Studies
  • Maxine Jones, Florida State University, History
  • Joey Mogul, People’s Law Office, Chicago
  • Nkechi Taifa, National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America
  • Paul Watanabe, University of Massachusetts Boston, Political Science

Morning Remarks

00:00 – Dr. Margaret Burnham

06:07 – Evan Lewis

14:43 – Congressperson Sheila Jackson Lee

30:14 – Dread Scott

10am: Family Members Address Reparations for Lynching

00:00 – Prof. Nicole Aljoe

02:20 – Montage: LYNCHED: Photos of the families joining us today

07:12 – Quanda Johnson

09:10 – Evan Lewis

15:37 – Sheila Moss

24:19 – Annie Whitlock

33:36 – Thomas Moore

46:42 – Evan Lewis

10:45am: Remarks from Scholars and Leaders

00:00 – Prof. Nicole Aljoe

01:10 – Dr. Angela Y. Davis

08:30 – Ta-Nehisi Coates

23:52 – Dr. Ron Daniels

40:35 – Dr. William “Sandy” Darity 

11:30am: US Reparations Movements: Applying the Lessons

00:00 – Prof. Nicole Aljoe

01:33 – Prof. Ángel Nieves

03:15 – Nkechi Taifa

15:16 – Prof. Maxine Jones

26:40 – Joey Mogul

36:14 – Prof. Paul Watanabe

12:30pm: Closing remarks

00:00 – Dr. Margaret Burnham

05:30 – Montage: Reflected

09:20 – Evan Lewis

Afternoon session

Afterwards, a closed session was gathered to lay the foundation for the launch of a formal organization designed to advocate for reparations on behalf of individuals and communities harmed by historical lynchings.

Roundtable conveners:

  • Adjoa Aiyetoro & Dale Perry
  • Jennifer Bellamy & Evan Lewis
  • Jordan Brewington & Tara Turner
  • Jay Driskell & Josephine Bolling McCall
  • Nan Woodruff & Quanda Johnson
  • Kaylie Simon & Jimmie Carter
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