Jerome Wilson

Location(s): Franklinton, Louisiana

Decade: 1930s

In January of 1935, Jerome Wilson, 30 years old, was captured from jail and killed by a mob in Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana. On July 21, 1934, Jerome Wilson had shot and killed Deputy Sheriff Delos Wood in a dispute over enforcement of a livestock health regulation. Jerome and others in the Wilson family were immediately arrested, jailed, and charged with capital murder. On July 30, 1934, Jerome was tried, convicted and sentenced to death, as a mob surrounded the courthouse. The Louisiana Supreme Court annulled the verdict and granted a new trial in response to an appeal filed by the NAACP. The appeal decision was announced almost the same time that a mob broke into the jail and killed Wilson. No one was prosecuted for slaying Wilson.

The collection includes: case summary; news articles; and CRRJ student John Cooksey’s essay, “The Lynching of Jerome Wilson: An Appeal Won, a Life Lost.”

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