Isaac Crawford

Location(s): Richmond County, Georgia

Decade: 1940s

On June 5, 1948, Isaac Crawford died in Augusta City, Richmond County, GA. On May 21, Crawford had been beaten by David L. Turner, a warden at the Richmond County Stockade. He never recovered from the injuries he sustained in that incident. On April 22, 1948, Crawford was arrested for public drunkenness in Savannah and, because he had a prior misdemeanor theft conviction for stealing $31, he was sent to the stockade. On May 21, upon Crawford’s refusal to continue to work in a ditch because he spotted a rattlesnake there, he was beaten by David Turner with a stick and rubber hose. He was hospitalized and thereafter died of cardiac arrest. The warden, David Turner, was charged with several counts of assault and battery, but a grand jury declined to indict him for homicide. Turner was found guilty of several assaults, including that on Crawford.

The collection includes: legal documents, newspaper reports; CRRJ student Jessica Yamane’s essay, “The Case of Isaac Crawford.”

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