Henry Williams

Location(s): Mobile, Alabama

Decade: 1940s

On August 15, 1942, 23 years old serviceman, Henry Williams, was shot and killed by Grover E. Chandler, a white 29 year old bus driver in Mobile. Williams was returning to his base when Chandler shot him on the city bus. John LeFlore, president of the Mobile chapter of the NAACP, pushed for prosecution of Chandler, but was unsuccessful. The commanding officer at Brookley Field, Col. Vincent B. Dixon, advised that the Army could not prosecute a civilian killing off base. No Federal investigation was launched.

The collection includes: Henry Williams’ death certificate, news articles, NAACP files and correspondence, War Department Pay Records, Department of War Death List, Brookley Field Investigation Correspondence, census and ancestry records, and CRRJ Student’s Essay: The Death of Henry Williams.

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