Former CRRJ Archivist published by New England Archivist, on building Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive

Earlier this January, former CRRJ archivist Gina Nortonsmith wrote an article that was published by New England Archivist (NEA), which details her work on the Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive, including the processes used and challenges surmounted.

Nortonsmith joined CRRJ as a project archivist in 2020. She spearheaded the creation of the Burnham-Nobles Archive, alongside the team at Northeastern Library and CRRJ staff and faculty. To date, the archive — which was launched in 2022 — contains more than 1,000 cases of anti-Black violence, and thousands of documents, including death certificates, newspaper articles, court records, police reports and interviews with victims’ families.

Nortonsmith worked with the archive’s records, identifying their origins, applying metadata to those records and cataloging them, among many other tasks. 

According to their website, NEA is a volunteer, regional organization that fosters daring and innovative stewardship of the recorded past with a focus on the future. 

Read the full article here.

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