Felix Hall

Location(s): Fort Benning, Georgia

Decade: 1940s

On March 29, 1941, Private Felix Hall was found dead hanging from a tree on a segregated military base in Fort Benning, Georgia. The government claimed that there was a War Department investigation and that the FBI, the Department of Justice, and Fort Benning were cooperating. The War Department confirmed that they conducted an investigation, but never released findings.

The collection includes: news articles; and CRRJ student Zahava Stern’s essay, “Murder and Lies: Claiming Military Integrity by Covering Up the Murder of Felix Hall.” In addition, a front-page story from the Washington Post was written by CRRJ journalism student Alexa Mills. See The Washington Post: “A lynching kept out of sight: Pvt. Felix Hall died in the only known murder of its kind on a U.S. military base. How hard did the government try to find his killers?”

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