Eugene Bell

Photo of Eugene Bell. Courtesy of the Archive.
Photo of Eugene Bell. Courtesy of the Archive.

Location: Amite County, Mississippi

Age: 22

Year: 1945

Eugene Bell, 22, was a WWII veteran and farmer who was killed in 1945 in Amite County, Mississippi.

When he returned from the war, Bell worked for his father-in-law Herbert Lee, choosing not to return to his previous employer, white plantation owner Russ McDowell.

McDowell was not happy that Bell had decided to work for Lee and threatened him with lynching.

Not long after these threats were made, Bell and his family were ambushed as they drove along a highway. Reports suggest that three white men waylaid Bell’s vehicle and lynched him.

In an affidavit with the NAACP, Bell’s father-in-law named Oball Mundrey, a relative of McDowell, Earl Moore and Wiley Banns as responsible for the killing.

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