CRRJ Fall 2021 Students

Julie Aaron

Julie is a 2L at Northeastern University School of Law. As a CRRJ research assistant, Julie is providing research and administrative support for an upcoming conference on policy approaches to remediating historical racial violence. Julie is interested in criminal law, prison reform and social justice. Once she graduates from law school, Julie would like to represent indigent defendants and underserved communities. She wants to address the structural and systemic issues in the criminal justice system and advocate for those that have been wrongfully incarcerated. 

Lydia Beal

Lydia is a 5th year undergraduate student at Northeastern University studying Africana Studies, Law and Public Policy, and Media and Screen Studies. Lydia has worked with CRRJ for a year as a research assistant and co-op student. She has investigated racially motivated homicides in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, and provided research support for CRRJ’s Posthumous Exoneration Project and Professor Burnham’s forthcoming book. Lydia’s academic interests include historical research, personal and collective accountability, and racial redress and reparations. After graduating, Lydia would like to study law or pursue an education centering human rights.

Mikayla Howard

Mikayla is a recent graduate of Pennsylvania State University. She majored in History and African American Studies. As a CRRJ research paralegal, Mikayla is obtaining death certificates for at least 200 racially motivated homicides in Arkansas, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Mikayla is interested in black history, and in particular, the experiences of black women in the United States. Mikayla plans to attend law school and would like to practice corporate or civil rights law as well as pro bono criminal law for youth.

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Tom LaRose

Tom is a 1st year graduate student in the M.A. Public History program at Northeastern University. As a CRRJ research assistant, Tom is investigating racially motivated homicides in Louisiana. His academic interests include American colonial history, and military history. Tom works for the Old North Church, and upon completion of his master’s degree, Tom wants to work full-time at a historic site or museum within Boston.

Quang Le

Quang is a 2L at Northeastern University School of Law. As a CRRJ co-op student, Quang is researching racially motivated homicides in Georgia and South Carolina. His academic interests include international human rights and economic development. After graduating from law school, Quang would like to work at the U.N. to focus on the effects of trade and economic development on the human rights’ legal framework of developing countries in Southeast Asia. 

Damian Lee

Damian is a junior at Northeastern University studying Economics and Political Science with minors in Africana Studies, Global Social Entrepreneurship, and Law and Public Policy. As a CRRJ intern, Damian is researching racially motivated homicides in Georgia and South Carolina.  His studies focus on the intersection of business and law/government as it pertains to the political, social and economic development of communities within the African diaspora. Damian would like to pursue a legal education with a concentration in civil rights law.

Kaleigh Mulligan

Kaleigh is a graduate student at Northeastern’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. As a CRRJ intern, Kaleigh is researching racially motivated homicides in Georgia and South Carolina. Kaleigh’s academic interests include wrongful convictions, procedural justice, eyewitness testimony and public policy. After receiving her master’s degree, Kaleigh would like to conduct research concerning policy in the criminal justice system.

Sooriya Sundaram

Sooriya is a 3L at Northeastern University School of Law. As a CRRJ research assistant, Sooriya is researching avenues to pursue posthumous pardons in different states. She is also writing case summaries for CRRJ’s Archive. Sooriya has an interest in writing and legal research. After graduating from law school, she would like to work in the public interest space and provide meaningful advocacy to those who cannot afford an attorney.

Kathryn Tso

Kathryn is a senior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in Materials Science & Engineering and History. Kathryn has interned with CRRJ since the beginning of 2021. This fall, she is working closely with CRRJ’s Community Activist Fellow Evan Lewis to support the work of the Legacy Coalition. Kathryn is interested in law, transformative justice and monuments, and she plans to attend law school after graduating from MIT.

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