CRRJ Director to speak at 2023 Bob Moses Conference: The Vote, Caste, and the Carceral State

CRRJ Director Margaret Burnham will deliver opening and closing remarks at this year’s Bob Moses Conference, January 29-28. She will also host a breakout session about her new book “By Hands Now Known.” The agenda also features a talk by Melissa Nobles, chancellor and professor of Political Science at MIT and co-founder of The Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

The conference, titled “The Vote, Caste, and the Carceral State,” will examine voting policies and political practices that leave Black and brown men and women out of the national political agenda. Ideas that will be discussed include creating a true one person, one vote system, the fight for an affirmative right to vote, and substantive rights of the 14th amendment as practical tools to end mass incarceration.

Northeastern Law School’s Civil Rights and Restorative Project (CRRJ) housed in the Center for Law, Equity and Race, is one of the sponsors of this year’s speaker series.

Registration is free.

Photo by Brooks Canaday/Northeastern University

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