Caleb “Picky Pie” Hill Jr.

Location: Irwinton, Wilkinson County, Georgia

Age: 28

Year: 1949

Caleb Hill Jr., was a chalk miner, and father of three children. He was killed in 1949 by two men in Wilkinson County, Georgia.

Arrested and jailed for alleged disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, County Sheriff George Hatcher left Hill’s jail cell unguarded, and the keys on his dining room table.

Two white men kidnapped Hill from his cell and shot him.

The men were arrested in connection with the killing, but a grand jury declined to indict.

Hill left behind a widow, Josie Hill, two sons — George Edward, 5, and James, 9, — and a two-month old daughter, Josie Lee.

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Read more about Hill’s death on the Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive

About the Archive

The Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive houses case files and documents for more than 1,000 cases of racial homicides in the Jim Crow South. Co-founded by Melissa Nobles, professor of political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Margaret Burnham, CRRJ director and professor of law at Northeastern, these uncovered stories highlight how violence affected lives, defined legal rights and shaped politics between 1930 and 1954.

Caleb Hill Jr., was lynched in 1949 by two white men in Wilkinson County, Georgia. CRRJ, civil rights and restorative justice northeastern university.
Caleb Hill Jr., was lynched in 1949 by two white men in Wilkinson County, Georgia. Photo courtesy of the Burnham Nobles Digital Archive.


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