Burnham Honors Cohort students present at Grand Rounds

On May 9, 2023 CRRJ welcomed to the Law School the Burnham Honors Cohort, a group of six HBCU students who investigated incidents occurring in their home states. The cohort program was directed by Professor Ada Goodly and her staff at Southern University Law Center and Lauren Hawkes, CRRJ’s Program Manager.  Students at Tougaloo College, Philander Smith College, and Southern University Law Center participated.  

The 2023 Burnham Honors Cohort completed a five-year project, investigating cases of Jim Crow-era violence in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. their findings will be included in the  Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive. Students will also pursue restorative justice remedies, such as posthumous pardons and the installation of historical markers in cases where this is appropriate 

Photo above, left to right: LaChassity Jackson, Blaise Adams, Amari Brantley, Dasia Turner, Victoria Ardoin, and Whitley Parker. 

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