A.T. Harden, Dan Pippen Jr., and Elmore Clark

Location(s): Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Decade: 1930s

In the summer of 1933, three young black men–A.T. Harden (age 15), Dan Pippen Jr., (age 18) and Elmore Clark (age 28) of Tuscaloosa were accused and arrested for the murder of Vaudine Mattox, a white woman. On August 12, while being transferred from the Tuscaloosa jail to the Jefferson County jail, the three were captured on August 13 by a mob of whites and shot. Pippen and Harden died, but Clark survived and re-arrested. A grand jury declined to indict.

The collection includes: Harden’s death certificate; CRRJ student Kimberly Sharpe’s essay, “Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1933: A Summer of Violence;” news articles; census records; DOJ file; International Defense League Correspondence; International Juridical Association Application for Investigation; and Memoranda to Attorney General. The collection also features related materials.

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