CRRJ attorneys share restorative justice frameworks at Mills College reparations event

Katie Sandson, program director of Racial Redress and Reparations Lab at CRRJ and Malcolm Clarke, CRRJ’s Elizabeth Zitrin Justice Fellow, participated in a virtual discussion, organized by The Black Reparations Project, an academic initiative at Mills College at Northeastern University, Feb. 23 and 24. They spoke on the issues of restorative justice, transitional justice and reparations.

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Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson, 24, was a house painter and WWII veteran who was killed by police officers C.L. Teague and R.W. Young in Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina.

Wilson knocked on the door of a white family — the Steppes — who called the police alleging that he was trying to break in.

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